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Essential ActionScript 2.0

Essential ActionScript 2.0
by colin moock

>> read chapter 2 (available at
>> download chapter 12 OOP currency converter application
>> read chapter 6 excerpt: composition versus inheritance
>> learn how eas2 differs from ASDG (the definitive guide)
>> learn more about what’s in the book

availability (updated april 23/2004):
eas2 is finished and in print production. its official launch date has been set to june 18, 2004. to be notified when eas2 ships, please join the moock-updates mailing list.

Preorder at ($34.95)
Preorder at ($39.95 US, $57.95 CA, ?8.50 UK)

I think is an authoritative book about AS2.
WOW! * 3
I hope……I Waiting….