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MM Web Designer 2004

Long before,I was interested in Macromedia Web Designer.Bue haven’t enter to examination yet.=_=|||

Now,the authentication is update to 2004,I want to take the examinations,but I can’t find any book about Macromedia Web Designer 2004 in inland of China.

If you know where can download the book or bible,please tell me.Thank you!

PS:My English is so pooooor~~~faint~~~

很久前就想考Macromedia Web Designer了,但是由于种种原因至今还没考过甚至还没看过相关资料,现在以及有网页设计师认证2004了,很想考,但是在国内还卖不到官方授权的教材,网上也找不到电子书的下载,去国外网上书店买又没试过,而且相当麻烦,如果你知道哪里有相关下载或者愿意帮我购买,请联系我,谢谢!